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Birth Is a Dream

I want to be a Midwife
"I WANT TO BE A MIDWIFE" is part of the documentary project "BIRTH IS A DREAM" which aims to document and raise awareness about Maternal Health in Sub-Saharan Africa. Photos and footage were captured in Jinka, Ethiopia, documenting AMREF Canada's program to improve maternal and child health in the Omo Valley. Midwives are women, mothers, who have devoted their lives to providing safe motherhood to other women and mothers. Access to skilled care from a trained midwife during pregnancy, childbirth and after delivery is key to saving a mother's life and that of her child. By training more midwives, AMREF is helping deliver an immediate, lasting solution to reduce maternal mortality in Ethiopia. Full project BIRTH IS A DREAM available here: http://www.birthisadream.org

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