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Frequent photographs of your children can show how they grow and change better than any pencil-mark on a doorframe. Our kids photography specialists are trained to capture the perfect smile and the most beautiful expression in every one of our kids photos, forever recording awkward and cute phases, missing teeth and sassy personalities. Alone or with their siblings, our photographers know how to work with children of all ages to give you and your children portraits to cherish and share.

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The world of portrait photography is defined by its differences—all potential clients, whether they are individuals, families, or professionals, are different people with different imaging needs. There is a difference in style and approach in making commercial, professional, and social (family) portraits. Commercial clients have something to sell or someone to influence; consumer clients have something or someone to remember. And, at any point in time, Becamaz style may be so strong or special that it transcends these categories and enters the “fine art” field.

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