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Creative PR Photography is essential to any campaign. A striking picture can propel a story from a few column inches to domination of a page.
With a team of expert professional press and PR photographers based throughout Kenya and East Africa, plus our ‘Fleet Street’ knowledge, you can trust us to produce stunning images for you to use in all visual communications. Our in-house photo team can provide photographic consultancy on media calls, stunts, launches and events. We also hold regular PR photography workshops on how best to achieve coverage in the press.

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Becaman’s unique ability to blend photography and video means you can get the best of both worlds with a video record of your photocall (Videocall). Perfect for social media.
With an extensive network of published, creative, Press, Public Relations & Corporate photographers producing outstanding results. We capture the very best images to record current events & feature led lifestyle stories. From breaking news, to executive portraits & corporate events, Matt Sprake, professional News & PR photographer will provide a first class service from start to finish throughout Kenya, the East African Reagion & Internationally.

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